Painting in Paradise

Jackson Hole’s resident artists use a variety of mediums, techniques.

This corner of northwest Wyoming is chock-full of artists inspired by the beauty of this place. Here’s a small sampling of the painters who live and work here.

1. Travis Walker draws inspiration from even seemingly mundane scenes like an old trailer park, or a fence made of skis. He paints contemporary local scenes, like Snow King or the National Elk Refuge, painting on location.
Price range: $800-$10,000
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2. Kathryn M. Turner is inspired by her childhood in Jackson Hole. Her work is fluid. Using watercolor and oil, she showcases landscapes and, increasingly, animals. She plays with dramatic light to create an ethereal feel.
Price range: $650-$13,000
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3. Jennifer L. Hoffman works mostly in pastels and oil and explores her connection to the landscape of Jackson Hole, where she’s lived for 20 years. She works en plein air, using nature as her inspiration.
Price range: $500-$10,000
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4. Todd Kosharek has three main bodies of work: symbolist landscapes, portraiture, and origami cranes. He works in acrylic paint on canvas and is known for his expertise in light and mood.
Price range: $800-$4,500
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5. Amy Ringholz portrays wildlife in a whimsical and abstract way with ink and oil. Pushing boundaries in wildlife art with her palette and style, her images appear lighthearted, but there is a depth that illuminates their personalities when one looks into their eyes.
Price range: $5,000-$25,000
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6. Jim Wilcox loves painting the Sleeping Indian, the mountain he can see from his home, studio, and gallery north of town. He finds his inspiration in the valley, from the mountains to pristine lakes to meandering rivers. His realistic style and fascination with light combine to create glowing landscapes.
Price range: $2,800-$60,000
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7. Bill Sawczuk paints Western subjects including, horses, cowboys, wildlife and the landscapes of Wyoming. He calls his work impressionistic realism and draws on his architectural background to paint the scenes of the West.
Price range: $1,000-$6,000
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8. Amy Lay’s brushstrokes create loose and vibrant images of wildlife. Her nontraditional style captures the energy of the wild world while depicting animals and movement in rich color.
Price range: $1,200-$12,000
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9. September Vhay works in a variety of mediums, using a modern composition and a minimalist approach. She is particularly known for her horses. She is true to realistic form and detail, but works with a looseness that creates an impressionistic aura.
Price range: $2,500-$15,000
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10. Katy Ann Fox is a plein air painter who works primarily in oil on board to capture the rural West, finding subtle beauty in landscapes and old buildings and providing a fresh and honest vision of the region.
Price range: $600-$2,500
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